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Do you need help keeping up with the constant influx of messages and discussions in your community? Are you having difficulty identifying and removing spam or inappropriate content? We are experts in the following businesses.

  • Online forums
  • Cryptocurrency
  • NFT
  • Social media platforms
  • Gaming communities
  • E-commerce websites
  • Online marketplaces

 Your business is booming, and you’ve got many customers.

But, as your customer base grows, so does the amount of spam, hate speech, and fraud on your platform. It’s overwhelming, and you’re not sure what to do.

That’s where our community moderation comes in. We understand the importance of keeping your platform safe and secure for your customers.

We trained our moderators to spot and remove spam, hate speech, or fraud. We also create a positive community by promoting healthy conversations and interactions.

Your customers will feel safe and secure on your platform, leading to more engagement and sales.

Our team will work with you to create a community that aligns with your brand and values.

We’ll help you build a loyal customer base that will stick around for the long haul.

What you will get from our community moderators



We will maintain a positive and safe environment for all members and prevent spam and other unwanted content from being posted within the community.



We will check for inappropriate language, hate speech, spam, or other violations posted by members to ensure it follows the community guidelines and standards



We will monitor the community regularly and take swift action to address any issues. This may include temporarily suspending or banning users who violate the community rules.



We will carefully review and monitor all user-generated content to ensure it is appropriate, respectful, and follows your community guidelines.



We will post engaging and thought-provoking questions to encourage discussions and feedback from other members



We will facilitate discussions and offer advice on how to use your products/services, which can help to increase customer knowledge and lead to more sales.

Case Studies From Previous Clients

👉Challenge: The Flagtoken community had a rapidly growing user base and was struggling to moderate its group and keep up with the influx of new users. This was leading to a negative user experience and a growing number of reports of inappropriate behavior.

👉Solution: Our team of experienced moderators implemented a comprehensive moderation strategy that included the use of advanced moderation bots, regular checks, and a dedicated team of human moderators. We also worked closely with the client to establish clear guidelines and rules for the community.

👉Result: With our help, Flagtoken was able to effectively moderate its group and improve the overall user experience. Reports of inappropriate behavior decreased significantly, and the community’s growth continued without interruption.

Case Study 2: Sleefi Community

👉Challenge: Sleefi discord server was experiencing a high volume of spam and trolling, leading to a decrease in user engagement and an overall negative experience for the community.

👉Solution: Our team of moderators implemented a strict spam and trolling removal process, as well as a system for identifying and banning repeat offenders. We also worked with the client to establish a reporting system for community members to report inappropriate behavior.

👉Result: With our help, Sleefi was able to effectively reduce spam and trolling, leading to an increase in user engagement and a positive overall experience for the community. User satisfaction surveys showed a significant improvement in the community’s overall experience.

Need help?


Without proper moderation, online communities can quickly become toxic and unsafe for members. Moderation helps to maintain a positive environment where members can share ideas, connect with others, and engage in productive discussions.

Our moderation service covers a variety of platforms, including Discord, Facebook, Forum, Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.

Yes, we would be happy to provide examples of communities we have moderated.
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Our moderation service offers comprehensive support for all your needs. We can assist in taking care of your customers and maintaining a positive environment for them. Our hourly rate starts at $8.

Our team of community moderators consists of 20 highly experienced individuals committed to helping your business thrive.
They have a wealth of knowledge and dedication to providing top-notch.

We take privacy and data protection very seriously. Our moderators are trained in data protection and privacy laws, and we have strict policies to ensure your data is secure.

Our community moderation team provides a range of services including content moderation, user management, conflict resolution, and community engagement. We work closely with our clients to tailor our services to their specific needs and goals.

Yes, we can work with communities of all sizes, from small forums to large social media platforms.

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