Community moderation made easy

Our Community Moderation Service goes beyond spam prevention, we focus on optimizing your sales potential.

Who needs this service?

  • I don’t have enough time to moderate and manage all my online communities
  • Dealing with negative comments or trolls is stressful
  • Engaging with the community consistently requires a lot of my time
  • Inconsistent moderation is affecting my brand’s reputation
  • Lack of expertise in handling customer queries and complaints effectively
  • It’s hard to measure the impact of my community management efforts
  • Spam and irrelevant content is damaging the community environment
  • Scaling community management efforts with business growth is tough

Our solutions

  • We will free up your time by letting us handle your online community management. Focus on your primary business activities
  • We expertly manage and moderate these interactions to maintain a positive community atmosphere
  • We provide consistent community engagement, keeping your audience involved and interested
  • Our moderators ensures your brand’s reputation remains solid and untarnished
  • Our experts are trained to handle customer queries and complaints effectively, ensuring satisfaction
  • We provide measurable results, so you can see the positive impact of effective community management
  • We keep spam and irrelevant content at bay, maintaining a healthy community environment
  • As your business grows, we scale our efforts to suit. Your community management will never be left behind

Case Study 1

Challenge: The Flag Coin community had a rapidly growing user base and needed help to moderate its group and keep up with the influx of new users. This led to a negative user experience and a growing number of reports of inappropriate behaviour.

Solution: Our team of experienced moderators implemented a comprehensive moderation strategy that included advanced moderation bots, regular checks, and a dedicated team of human moderators. We also worked closely with the client to establish clear guidelines and rules for the community.

Result: Flag Coin could effectively moderate its group and improve its user experience. Reports of inappropriate behaviour decreased significantly, and the community’s growth continued without interruption.

Case Study 2

Challenge: Sleefi discord server was experiencing a high volume of spam and trolling, leading to a decrease in user engagement and an overall negative experience for the community.

Solution: Our team of moderators implemented a strict spam and trolling removal process, as well as a system for identifying and banning repeat offenders. We also worked with the client to establish a reporting system for community members to report inappropriate behavior.

Result: With our help, Sleefi was able to effectively reduce spam and trolling, leading to an increase in user engagement and a positive overall experience for the community. User satisfaction surveys showed a significant improvement in the community’s overall experience.

Need help?



Our team of community moderators consists of 10 highly experienced individuals committed to helping your business thrive.

We take privacy and data protection very seriously. Our moderators are trained in data protection and privacy laws, and we have strict policies to ensure your data is secure.

Yes, we can work with communities of all sizes, from small forums to large social media platforms.

Our moderation service covers a variety of platforms, including Discord, Facebook, Forum, Telegram, Whatsapp etc.

Yes, we would be happy to provide examples of communities we have moderated.
Please get in touch with us for more information