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Case study



The client

Green bulls is a project from Italy and offers highly innovative solutions for businesses such as blockchain solutions, digital transformation, smart farming etc. its have a page for recruiting professional, enthusiastic, well educated and informed people to join his team of specialists worldwide.

The goal

My goal with this project was to show my potential clients how a business can look. I use the most common features of a business website and blended them with my design, I installed WordPress and made the final design using elementor pro, and I make sure the colours and fonts blend.



The result

The website has 2 menus left and right and a site logo in the middle. I used black background so the logo colour can stand out, colour on the menu and footer background and make sure they are blended together. The blog resulted in a clean, modern-looking and easy to navigate menu for readers.

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The client approached us needing a responsive, decentralized finance website where investors could stake farms, among other things. Their products were about to go online, and they needed a website to showcase them. The client provided us with graphics and colour schemes that matched their brand, and told us how they wanted the website to be structured.


Osun property hub needs a design that allows for the display of very detailed listings that show all important details about the property. This includes the type of property, rent, area, address, maps, price, and images. This would allow front end visitors to post their property listings.